Date posted 18 Jan, 2019

32ACP: I have 3 boxes.  Two boxes 20 shells per box.  1 box of 50 shells. Asking 65.00 for the lot.  Way below wholesale.  Call: Gabe, member 406, Cell 501 912 6690.





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Date posted 21 Jan, 2019
Tru Glo red dot scope, new, $40, am selling for $25.  Contact Bill at 870 706 1868

Date posted 4 Mar, 2019

Target Zone aluminum double gun case with lock with keys and combination lock.  It is 53" x 15" x 4" in size.  It is in like-new condition, clean and hardly used.  The interior has egg crate foam.  Combo lock and keys. Call Mike Cleary.  Tumbling Shoals.  501 362 7418.

CCSC now has a new electric entrance gate.  A key pad is located on the drivers side of the entrance road, both entering and exiting.  Simply enter your existing code and then press "B".  The gate will open.  The gate will automatically close behind you.  As always, NEVER GIVE THE CODE TO ANYONE ELSE.  

Our old gate has been left in place.  In the event of a failure of the new gate, there will always be a chain and lock on the old gate.  The lock will have the same code as the electric gate (minus the "B").  If neccesary, secure the range with the old gate.

The gate operates with a battery and solar charger.  The reason we have an exit key pad is that it uses less power than automatically opening on exit.

CCSC has 2 Promatic Sporter TTs that are for sale.  They are several years old but were only used on 2 separate days.  Contact 

CCSC has a Skeet Set (2 machines) of old Winchester/Western Skeet Traps for sale.  They were recently removed in working condition.  Contact  

FOR SALE: Posted 30 Aug, 19

Ithaca model 37 shotgun.  20 gauge, modified, 2 3/4 with shells. 28" Barrel.  $275.

Winchester 30/30 model 94, with original box and cartridges.  $350.

Or both for $550.  Call Mike Cleary 501 362 7418 or email