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CCSC communicates with members through E-mail.  You will receive your membership renewal notice, meeting minutes, and any other important information only through E-mail.  If you have not been getting emails from us, please check your email settings and put the following E-mail addresses in your "safe senders" list.

  These E-mails are sent out in "blast" of several hundred addresses, and depending on your providers default settings, may be seen as junk E-mails.  Each E-mail provider is different, so we are not able to provide specific instructions to change your providers settings.

CCSC now has a new electric entrance gate.  A key pad is located on the drivers side of the entrance road, both entering and exiting.  Simply enter your existing code and then press "B".  The gate will open.  The gate will automatically close behind you.  As always, NEVER GIVE THE CODE TO ANYONE ELSE.  

Our old gate has been left in place.  In the event of a failure of the new gate, there will always be a chain and lock on the old gate.  The lock will have the same code as the electric gate (minus the "B").  If neccesary, secure the range with the old gate.

The gate operates with a battery and solar charger.  The reason we have an exit key pad is that it uses less power than automatically opening on exit.

CCSC has 2 Promatic Sporter TTs that are for sale.  They are several years old but were only used on 2 separate days.  Contact 

CCSC has a Skeet Set (2 machines) of old Winchester/Western Skeet Traps for sale.  They were recently removed in working condition.  Contact  


An "escape gate" has been added to the CCSC entrance. If the electronic gate fails in the closed position, an exit can be made through the "escape gate". A combination lock is on the gate and uses the same combination as the electronic gate, minus the letter on the end. Said another way, use the 4 digits of your gate code without the letter. Close and lock the gate behind you after exiting or entering.

As usual, if the electronic gate fails in the open position, secure the range by closing the old gate across the driveway. It also uses your code.

If the electronic gate has failed, please notify a club officer.

A big thanks to CCSC member Lance Clark for accomplishing this project.


Remington Special Field 12 gauge shotgun 20 inch Barrel.  $600.00.

Beretta U22 Neos semi auto 22 Pistol.  $150.00

Colt Cobra 38 Spl.  Only fired twice.  Includes +P ammo.  $600.00.

Remington 541 T SC 22(s&lr).  Thin barrel version.  Tack Driver.  4X Nikon Scope.  Adult size.  This is not a kid’s toy.  $1200.00

Also, 16 pounds shot gun powder, 5000 primers, 5000 wads, 20 plus bags of new shot, 8 1/2, 8, 7.

Barry Allen